Year in Review – 2018

As we begin the new year 2019, we’ve compiled some highlights of the past year at the UPenn Prevention Research Center.  Enjoy the video, and note some of our key accomplishments:

  • We saw  results of our research in skin cancer prevention communication related to both indoor tanning reduction and outdoor sun safety
  • We saw the University of Pennsylvania make great strides towards promoting the health of students and staff, both mentally and physically. We aim to continue to contribute to these efforts!
  • The UPenn PRC Director, Karen Glanz,  spent 4 months on  a sabbatical at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, where she became an expert voice in the debate over banning sunscreens with certain ingredients, thought to cause damage to coral reefs.
  • In November,  we explored the findings of tobacco control science research with experts from Penn and around the country. We saw broad acknowledgement of the epidemic of e-cigarette use, and learned more about the devices and the marketing of these products, and the policy options being considered.

We look forward to a healthy and productive 2019 and hope to help our community continue to advance chronic disease prevention for many healthy new years ahead!

PRC Director, Karen Glanz Appointed to The Editorial Board: American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Karen Glanz was recently appointed to the Editorial Board for the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. “Members of the AJPM editorial board perform myriad services for the journal including peer reviewing, recommending reviewers in their areas of expertise, serving as guest editors for supplements and themes, and acting as ambassadors for the journal. Our editorial board members are key to helping AJPM stay at the forefront of preventive medicine and public health.” Read more from the AJPM in their recent newletter here.