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What are the challenges in creating messages that persuade people to take up healthy behaviors?

Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH: The key is to ultimately get people to embrace the idea that changing their behavior is something they want to do. If you scare them or pressure them into changing, it usually will not lead to a lasting change, so the central challenge is to help them see the benefits that are associated with that particular change in behavior.

Tools to promote protection from harmful UV rays and reduce skin cancer risk

Insight into why young women indoor tan and tools to help them quit

Environmental Strategies for Losing Weight

Using Wireless Scales in Weight Loss Research

Philadelphia Communities Conquering Cancer

Health systems, cancer centers, stakeholders, and community members discussed concerns about cancer in Philadelphia and charted a path forward to reduce disparities in our city.
The University of Pennsylvania Prevention Research Center (UPenn PRC) is a community-engaged research center that was founded in 2014. The UPenn PRC’s mission is to improve the health of people in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and beyond by preventing, reducing, and treating chronic diseases. The center’s primary focus for future years will be on implementation of evidence-based strategies to improve patient and provider communication to optimize clinical and community-based management of cancer in diverse older adults.

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