In the March issue of Health Affairs, UPenn PRC Researcher David Asch, MD, MBA, David W. Bates, MD, MSc, Brigham and Women’s, and Aziz Sheikh, MD, University of Edinburgh,  examine innovation practices at five large academic medical centers: the Cleveland and Mayo Clinics, the University of Pennsylvania and University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers, and Geisinger Health System.  Noting that “nearly every big health care organization today wants to innovate, and, indeed, the ability to innovate will likely represent one of the key determinants of success in value-based care,” Asch and his co-authors “suggest the following strategies for organizations that want to innovate successfully: Do fewer projects, but do them better; allow the important to triumph over the urgent; and use a “slow trigger, fast bullet” approach—that is, find the root cause of a problem before deciding on a solution.”