Alison Buttenheim discusses parental attitudes on vaccination on WHYY’s The Pulse. With the recent Disneyland measles outbreak, Buttenheim says, understanding parents’ views on vaccines and clearing up myths is of great importance. 

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“Health researchers have declared a new public enemy number one…sugar. In the past, this unenviable position has been occupied by fat, salt…even eggs. But lately, more and more experts are finding themselves convinced that the health dangers posed by added sweeteners dwarf the risks posed by previously vilified foods. The government has recently proposed new nutrition policies that include a new take on sugar. Reporter Audrey Quinn takes a look at our changing perception of the sweet stuff.

Alison Buttenheim, an assistant professor in the school of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, studies attitudes about vaccines, and, in the wake of the Disney measles outbreak, she joins us to answer some pertinent questions about why some parents decide not to vaccinate. For most people, measles is a theoretical topic, but we hear from one family that experienced the measles firsthand.”