The Community Engagement, Partnerships, & Technical Assistance Core, led by Carolyn Cannuscio and David Grande, join in discussion with UPenn PRC Community Advisory Board (CAB). Members include:

  • Tinesha Banks
  • Glenn Bryan
  • Kay Coup
  • Kim Eberbach,
  • Allison Karpyn
  • Natalie Levkovich
  • Giridhar Mallya
  • Carol Rogers
  • James Startare.
  • Also present are UPenn PRC Directors Kevin Volpp and Karen Glanz.

The role of community advisory boards is defined in this excerpt from the CDC Prevention Research Center About Us page. “Community representatives play an important role with the university research team in identifying the research question, developing the study methods, conducting the research, and analyzing and sharing results. Each PRC has a community advisory board or group that collaborates and gives community input to the research effort.”

Photo Credit: Sophia Fischler-Gottfried

Group of men and women posing in conference room