University of Alabama at Birmingham
Preventing HIV/AIDS among at-risk African-American adolescents living in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

University of Arizona
Strengthening prevention programs and linkages between primary care settings and county health departments.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Improving control of hypertension by identifying effective and cost-effective methods.

University of California, San Francisco
Improving care of young black men living with HIV through community engagement and support.

Case Western Reserve University
Improving nutritious food access in low income, low access neighborhoods through farmer’s markets and education.

Dartmouth College
Reducing obesity and smoking among persons with serious mental illness.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Increasing physical activity by improving access to the built environment and use of parks in the community.

University of Iowa
Increasing physical activity in communities using lay health advisors.

Johns Hopkins University
Prevent substance abuse by providing training in life skills for adolescents.

University of Kentucky
Increasing colorectal cancer screening among adults in rural Appalachia.

University of Massachusetts Medical School – Worcester
Improving healthy eating and healthy activities with a built environment intervention.

University of Minnesota
Improve learning, academic performance, and reduce health risk behaviors among middle school students and improve teacher skills.

Morehouse School of Medicine
Preventing sexually transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS among urban, minority youth.

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Promoting healthy eating, active living, and tobacco-free living.

New York University School of Medicine and City University of New York School of Public Health
Improving hypertension management among South Asians in NYC.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Preventing cardiovascular disease through clinical-community linkages.

Oregon Health & Science University
Using health promotion and chronic disease prevention to meet the health needs of tribal and other underserved regional communities.

University of Pennsylvania
Promoting weight loss and maintenance in the workplace using behavioral economics and environmental change strategies.

University of Pittsburgh
Reducing obesity and subsequent chronic disease among older adults.

University of Rochester
Increasing healthy lifestyles among deaf adult American Sign Language users.

University of South Carolina at Columbia
Increasing physical activity and healthy eating in churches in South Carolina.

University of South Florida
Increasing colorectal cancer screening among adults in partnership with the health department.

Tulane University
Increasing physical activity and nutrition through sustainable environmental and social improvements.

University of Washington
Increasing participation of older adults in a community exercise program (Enhance Fitness) by building community-clinical linkages with healthcare providers.

West Virginia University
Improving physical activity behaviors among children using school and family based approaches.

Yale University
Reducing obesity through improved nutrition and increased physical activity in multiple communities.