Project Title: Integrating Self-Management Education with Cancer Survivorship Care 

Principal Investigators: Christine Hill-Kayser (UPenn) and Lisa Schwartz (CHOP Subcontract)

Co-Investigators: Lamia Barakat, Lauren Daniel, Linda Fleisher, Jill Ginsberg, Wendy Hobby, Linda Jacobs, Yimei Li, Dava Szalda

Project Dates: 2015-2018

Adolescent and young adult (AYA) survivors of childhood cancer represent a growing and underserved population (1 in 600 young adults is a childhood cancer survivor) at risk for cancer recurrence, second cancers and other chronic health conditions (so-called “late effects”) of cancer treatment despite the vast resources used to cure them. AYA also demonstrate disengagement and loss to follow-up, health-harming behaviors, and deficits in knowledge about their cancer history and future risks. We will test the impact of AYA STEPS (Self-management via Texting, Education, and Plans for Survivorship)–an innovative, technology-based intervention that will provide customized care plans and a tailored mobile health application to enhance survivorship self-management.


Schwartz L, Psihogios A, Henry-Moss D, Daniel LC, Ver Hoeve E,  Velazquez-Martin B, Butler E, Hobbie W, Buchanan Lunsford N, Sabatino S, Barakat L, Ginsberg J, Fleisher L, Deatrick J, Jacobs L, O’Hagan B, Anderson L, Fredericks E, Amaral S, Houston K, Vachani C, Hampshire M, Metz J, Hill-Kayser C, Szalda D. Iterative development of a tailored mHealth intervention for adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood Cancer. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, Mar 2019; 7(1): 31-43.

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