Project Title: Building Local Community Health Leadership for Action on Preventing Chronic Disease

Principal Investigators: Frances Barg

Co-Investigators: Heather Klusaritz, Peter Cronholm, and Karen Glanz

Project Dates: 2015-2019

The overall goal of the Philadelphia Health Leadership Institute (PHLI) is to identify, train, and mentor a cadre of leaders in the Philadelphia Promise Zone (PPZ). Participants in the PHLI will assess their community’s health promotion needs, create action plans to address those needs, and implement a rigorous evaluation plan. The aims of this project are to:

1) Identify and recruit two cohorts of 6-8 leaders each working with the Philadelphia Promise Zone who will commit to a one-year fellowship with the PHLI.

2) Create a curriculum and program for mentorship in Quality Improvement, Leadership, Healthcare Needs Assessment and Program Implementation, and Program Evaluation.

3) Evaluate the impact of the fellowship on learner knowledge, self-efficacy, and behavior, and a tailored population-level health outcome.

4) Disseminate successful components to two additional urban Promise Zones.