PRC Communication and Dissemination Core Director Amy Jordan presided over the 66th Annual International Communication Association Conference held in Fukuoka Japan from June 9th to 13th.  Her presidential address,  entitled “Digital Media Use and the Experience of Childhood”, argued that it is essential to include less visible, marginalized, and refugee children  as we seek to understand the role media can play in  children’s development.





Dr. Jordan and colleagues in the Children, Adolescent, and Media Division celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the Journal of Children and Media.

Left to right: Sun Sun Lim (National University of Singapore),  Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics), Dafna Lemish (Southern Illinois University), Jan van den Buick (University of Leuven), Moniek Bujzien (Radboud University Nijmegen), Renee Hobbs (University of Rhode Island), Claudia Riesmeyer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Michael Rich (Boston Children’s Hospital), Ellen Wartella (Northwestern University), Srivi Ramasubramanian (Texas A & M University), Amy Jordan (University of Pennsylvania) and Vicky Rideout (VJR Consulting).