Changing daily

The world is changing daily and news outlets are trying to keep everyone informed with the latest updates, and the best strategies to combat the virus, with a captive audience as millions self-isolate.

The faculty at the University of Pennsylvania have stepped up to the microphone, to offer their expertise in how we as a community, both academic and medical, handle the population’s needs during this time.

Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute (Penn LDI) has created a website tracking the contributions to the press from affiliated faculty. The website lists the article with a link to the source, and the name of the faculty contributor. You can also follow their Twitter channel for the latest additions to the list.

Expert voices

One notable contribution is our own director’s, Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH. Dr. Glanz was interviewed for an article in The Atlantic, focusing on getting exercise during social isolation.

Dr. Glanz encourages everyone to “stay as active as they can; it helps with feeling good; staying healthy and maintaining sanity.”

John H. Holmes, the UPenn PRC Evaluation Core Lead, gave an update from the University of Pavia in Italy, and Carolyn Cannuscio, our Community Engagement Core Lead, has been the voice of social distancing across all channels. She has been a valuable source for the media during this time, regarding social distancing and how it affects public health, as seen in this interview by Vox.

Karen Glanz and Carmen Guerra co-authored an op-ed published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on April 14, 2020. The piece brings to light the racial disparities in care for people with COVID-19, from social distancing practices, to testing, and ultimately, to those who succumb to the virus. Read the article online or the pdf version.

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