Karlawish in Forbes 3-17-16In the March 17, issue of Forbes, UPenn PRC researcher and Principal Investigator for the Healthy Brain Research Network, Jason Karlawish, MD, makes a case for broader national and personal conversations about Alzeheimer’s.  Karlawaish notes: “Alzheimer’s disease has largely been framed as a costly biomedical problem that needs an effective diagnostic test and treatment, and cognitive aging waits in the wings for the same approach, and a theranostic strategy holds promise to relieve their threats on our autonomy. Short of a cure however, we’re going to have to live with cognitive decline. We need as well to pursue a public health approach to tackle why we dread Alzheimer’s disease and how we’ll live with it with our dignity and our communities intact. The examined mind must be a mind worth living with, employing and enjoying.”


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